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You always wanted to express your creativity, but didn’t find that focus on what to do? Happened to me for so many years. Then Covid came, and posting new pictures from vacations for Instagram ended. So I posted old pictures of my toys. All pictures of the figures are taken under uv light, and unfortunately I do not have the chance to take other pictures at the moment. The uv light worked well with some, e.g. Man at arms and Dragstor, and not so well with others like Snakeface or Zodac.

Later I started drawing and writing about MOTU. And here we are now.

This blog is my creative playground, of course without any commercial interest. I’ll write, draw and god knows what I’ll do related to my favorite toys, the Masters of the Universe (the original from the 80s) and probably also MASK, the Mobile Armed Strike Kommand.

Fan art finally channeled my creativity!

In the last few years, lots of new MOTU stuff came up. I can’t wait for the new MOTU Revelations, because the 2002 series was already cool, but I lost track of all the other things that happened. There was always rumors of a new real film, maybe we’ll see one later. It is always a pleasure to see new stuff, but this blog all is about the vintage material from the 80s. So I’m not really up to date and I don’t have many insights on what is coming soon or who is involved. Please find links to some of the great MOTU fan pages in the blog!

And feel free to share your thoughts on my fan art journey!

On hefarts you will find brief toy reviews, character profiles, there will be battles one vs the other, and drawings of MOTU crossovers.

There can never be enough great fan art, and maybe even not enough wannabe-good art like mine. Let’s keep the memories alive!

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