Crossover: Horde bear


Hordak is one of my favourite characters, and I’m trying to bring him on paper frequently. But for some reason he is one of the most difficult characters for crossovers.

Take this Horde bear. He is cute and I’m sure he cares, but his head is not as hordaky as I wanted it to be. I guess it is some less obvious features that make Hordak, maybe the missing nose? I just realised that I don’t even have a good idea how I imagine his head to look like.

Till next time, my evil leader!

Horde bear

Crossover: Bitey smurf


Trapjaw as a smurf, that was quite easy. Both are blue, and a weapon-arm plus the jaw makes him recognizable already.

This was my first ever smurf and it went well, later I struggled again to draw one. It might depend on the size, this drawing is maybe 7cm, the later trail was maybe 2cm only. But wait for the Gargamel!

I don’t like him too much, it went very smurfy and lost all scariness. But every sketch teaches us something, right?

Let’s for second imagine the 80s cartoon character of Trapjaw in a smurf cartoon, that would go well, wouldn’t it? I’m sure there would be a story around indestructible nuts.

Not much ink was needed since pants and hat are white. Somehow almost any color needed to draw MOTUs are found in standard felt tip pen sets.

Toy review: Man-at-Arms

Toy review

One of the most famous characters has in my opinion one of the lowest quality. But the positive first: From all figures he is the one looking the most alike a soldier, with serious face, and lots of armour (but only on one arm and leg!?). The combination of bright green and orange is a looker, though the belly is free what leaves room for some questions.

He has the full-muscle human body, and I never understood why those would not be as strong as He-Man. I also wondered about so many figures what exactly they are wearing, or whether the skin is supposed to be green? The hands are green as well.

The head is soft and invites you to squeeze it. The printed-on grey helmet wears off from all the squeezing and that leaves you then with a bold looking, naked green hero. Not sure why hardly any vintage figure had a removable helmet.

All the orange parts are made of a too hard plastic, so that after taking it off and putting it back the closing mechanisms wears off. Happened to all 3 parts, plus I lost the bat (OK that is not a quality issue) and if I remember correctly it broke too. He’s also got some mold on his legs. Other figures were of much better quality.

The green shows a nice luminescence in UV light, the orange parts unfortunately not. On the other hand the lack of orange makes him look more serious. The head looks extremely cool, thus this is one of my favourite pictures!

The table of skills is online!

Character profiles

For all my childhood I have been wondering who would be the tallest, the heaviest and the most powerful. The toys were all more or less the same, but Beastman and Whiplash, Grizzlor and Two Bad cannot all be just alike. Is Merman more powerful than Evil Lynn, is Syclone faster than Stratos?

Find out here. This is my own ranking, and it will be the basis for the titfortat tournament, coming soon!

Of course the 2002 cartoon and the newer material has the details, and I have seen some sources for dimensions. All this might have influenced my rating.