Clawful close

Titfortat: Introduction


Humans have the natural desire to sort things out. I have that too, and since MOTU left a lot of room for phantasy, I finally sorted things out.

As already posted, I have rated the fight skills of all characters in the Table of skills. To find out how they would use their qualities in a real fight, I made up the titfortat tournament, which was already published on Instagram. Someone (wait for it!) has the power to force the characters to fight in a ring, and no one knows where this will lead us…

It is in written form, and since I don’t have the toys ready to take pictures, I might need to draw some scenes. Let’s see if that happens.

Enjoy reading, and use your imagination! Coming soon!

Crossover: Glow-Garmel


“I hate these SMASTERS” may Glow-garmel shout while he waves his mesh. Gargamel is a very mean character in the smurfs, and he ruins the perfect live in the smurf village. Combined with Scare glow he does glow of course, but also got a purple collar and skeleton- hands of course! His even meaner cat Azrael is now Panthor. I’ll call him Azraelor! Very simple to crossover, any violet cat will make a MOTU fan think of Panthor..

So far so good, black background and aura around his head are fine. BUT the smurfs gave me headaches, maybe because I tried to put too many details in a tiny object. Man-E-faces might be obvious (though he’s got that olfactory bulb), he is now Man-E-smurf, but Stratos (Strato smurf, hmhm!) was not a good choice. He has just not enough outstanding details. And yes, he tries to climb down the table, while he is obviously able to fly. That’s smurf in a nutshell, isn’t it?

Yeah but the table… I was not able to get that perspective, and very clear: Drawing everything in the same layer does not help! I tried, because I didn’t know better, and that made it impossible to erase and try again. A new layer for table would have given me all options to work it out.

Be what it is, this was an early work in Autodesk Sketchbook and it is not too bad I think! More to come


Crossover: Dr. Bladels and Stinkis


I’m not sure how many of you got to know Dr. Snuggles, the warm-hearted hero in a world full of magic and technology. If you don’t, sorry, but you have missed out on something really unique! Watch it now, in a moment when you are really open for some weird stuff. His friend Dennis is a badger, he’s got a mouse friend, a robot, a space ship and so much more. Crossing him with Blade, the MOTU movie character, took a lot of his innocence, even though I only gave him a knife and an eye cap. In the comic, Dr. Snuggles appears to be much fitter than his body might make you think, so fear Dr. Bladels! Dennis became Stinkis, and he used to be a kind and handy friend. Stinkor is similar, maybe not looking friendly, but always helping. Obviously his odor causes some irritation, imagine the situation as introduction of the new assistant. There would be a *boing* sound in the cartoon. I managed to let the sun shine, and I’m proud of how the horizon looks realistic.