Hello MOTU fans

Let´s begin

Hefarts goes online today! You will find fan art in written and drawn form about an almost 40 years old toy line that has influenced a whole generation of kids around the globe. My focus is on the original toys and the cartoon from the 80s. This blog will also document my development as an artist, beginning from absolute beginner. How did I start drawing? Read my story here!

For serious investigation on the history of He-Man, his relationship to Conan the Barbar and Big Jim, there’s plenty out there e.g. here. For all the newer lines like MOTU classics, 2002, and the new coming MOTU Revelations find information here! The Wikipedia article is also very informative.

The second 80s toy line and cartoon with high impact on me is MASK, the Mobile Armed Strike Command. I have lots of ideas for fanart around Matt Trekker and the others too!