Toy review: King Randor

Toy review

Motu fans, which character is the closest to Santa? For sure the bearded King! Merry Christmas to all!

When you look at my picture, which again I took under UV light, you might get an idea why it is not my favorite figure. The golden crown and belt don’t reflect any UV light, so they are black. So does the face, which really looks like a Zombie. Arms and torso are made of different materials and do also not glow nicely. In fact there are many other things:

1. The blue robe didn’t survive the very first weeks when I got him. It is kind of nice, but very annoying in fight situations.

2. The spear, though it is golden, is still the same as Whiplashes. So the dumb crocodile monster guy has the same model as the king? That downgrades one of them.

3. The armor is very similar to Jitsu’s. Because my second hand Jitsu came without, he got it from Randor. Not sure why I didn’t put it on for the picture, but that is long ago. In fact, Jitsu’s armor has much more ornament on it.

4. This is about quality, the King’s weirdly tanned legs got moldy over the years. That happened only to very few figures.