Crossover: Leashor the frog


Another early piece. Tung Leashor fits well into Kermit’s shape, because he is more of a frog-man than a snakeman. The hands (!), the patterns, the long tung, all fits well, and it made me admire how Mattel nevertheless managed to give Tung Leashor an evil look. In my Table of skills Tung Leashor is a 190kg beast, here he is a baby muppet!

Kermit as baby version was rather easy to draw, he’s even got a happy face expression. Even the green snake on his chest looks cute.

I was using pastel text markers for the background. The whole sketch looks a bit rushed, because I was already thinking of the next! So many crossovers to come, wait for it!

Leashor the frog

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Tung Leashor's colors fit well to baby Kermit