Three little war pigs


I forgot one hand drawn picture! This should be the last now. It is not really a crossover from another cartoon, but somehow a crossover from a music video! See the video Green Jelly – Three Little Pigs and enjoy the music, the image I used is at 4’44! The three war pigs are Trapjaw, Triclops and Stinkor, and they are looking at Skeletor, who is the wolf in this story. He is bleeding, and we will never know what happened here.

Look at the shadows, have you ever thought Triclops’ head looks like a cowboy with a hat?

Very challenging for me: helicopter view, plus shadows. Oh and Skeletor’s face from the side…

Crossover: Adam the Schmadam


Oh man how much I struggle with faces! Yes, he got a bit cheeky on purpose, but Schmadam looks like the blonde baby king from GOT! He looks so mean, but he loves his cat, look how he is grooming his snoot! Note how Schmadam holds the edge of his bubble. I really went 3D here. The character Dennis was so different from Adam, compare both cartoons! Same for Ruff and Cringer, it is as if those roles were mixed-up, who is the one protecting Eternia, and who is the 5 years old boy? This crossover was a lot of fun and brought back some 80s memories to me. Cringer was surprisingly easy to draw, but Schmadam’s right arm is an upsi.

Crossover: Leashor the frog


Another early piece. Tung Leashor fits well into Kermit’s shape, because he is more of a frog-man than a snakeman. The hands (!), the patterns, the long tung, all fits well, and it made me admire how Mattel nevertheless managed to give Tung Leashor an evil look. In my Table of skills Tung Leashor is a 190kg beast, here he is a baby muppet!

Kermit as baby version was rather easy to draw, he’s even got a happy face expression. Even the green snake on his chest looks cute.

I was using pastel text markers for the background. The whole sketch looks a bit rushed, because I was already thinking of the next! So many crossovers to come, wait for it!

Leashor the frog

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Tung Leashor's colors fit well to baby Kermit


Crossover: Rammy


Yes, I tried any crossover that came to my mind, why not?! Gummy bears was a great cartoon with fantastic ideas. I’m sure I’ll try a crossover again. That one was the first, and somehow I forgot to add more Ram Man features while drawing. Of course Tummy the bigger bear is a good fit for our jumping hero, but hell, how could I forget the green legs? The sandals must have taken all my attention. I do like the crossover from the very shy bear and the trough-the-wall Ram Man. Imagine how he would excuse himself while smashing Snake Mountain.

Crossover: Horde bear


Hordak is one of my favourite characters, and I’m trying to bring him on paper frequently. But for some reason he is one of the most difficult characters for crossovers.

Take this Horde bear. He is cute and I’m sure he cares, but his head is not as hordaky as I wanted it to be. I guess it is some less obvious features that make Hordak, maybe the missing nose? I just realised that I don’t even have a good idea how I imagine his head to look like.

Till next time, my evil leader!

Horde bear

Crossover: Bitey smurf


Trapjaw as a smurf, that was quite easy. Both are blue, and a weapon-arm plus the jaw makes him recognizable already.

This was my first ever smurf and it went well, later I struggled again to draw one. It might depend on the size, this drawing is maybe 7cm, the later trail was maybe 2cm only. But wait for the Gargamel!

I don’t like him too much, it went very smurfy and lost all scariness. But every sketch teaches us something, right?

Let’s for second imagine the 80s cartoon character of Trapjaw in a smurf cartoon, that would go well, wouldn’t it? I’m sure there would be a story around indestructible nuts.

Not much ink was needed since pants and hat are white. Somehow almost any color needed to draw MOTUs are found in standard felt tip pen sets.

Crossover: Tubby Masters 2- in space!


The first Tubby Masters was so cool that I made another one. This time I tried some more background, and somewhere I found this space design that has some depth too (look at the crates in front!). Same technique as for the first one, pencil and felt tip pen without black lines except for He-Man’s chin, that is a happy mistake. I finished one black pen for the dark space. Here we have a group of heroic warriors plus one horde member. The elephant-head was driving me nuts. I left out the antennas but gave them more prominent ears.

Leech is making fun, holding his hand up like he was holding a moon. He is in the butterfly group.

Heman is very cool, yes we see you are in space. Hearty armor you wear!

Fisto is just serious, look how I’m not floating here!

Snout spout, enjoying low gravity instead, but man his head is a difficult one to draw!

Crossover: Tubby Masters 1


The first crossover I made was Tubby Masters. That’s Teletubbies and MOTU! They have in common that characters have easily recognizable features like the color or the antenna. Maybe there is some hidden critic about the plain MOTU cartoon?! It’s fun to see the muscular warriors in that clumsy shape.

Until now I always draw with pencil first. For this piece I did not use a black felt pen to finalize the lines, but I just used the colors right from the start. The blending of both attributes went well, look at the eh what is it, head antennas? Though Spikor’s and Whiplashes’ faces didn’t turn out great, I think there is enough details to recognize them. They went so well, look how much fun they have!

Whiplash is the scary one, but his tiny tail can only brake hearts, not bones!

Clawful in his own world, he is a dancing shrimp! Also a bit grumpy, but that`s an evil warrior!

Buzz Off learning to fly, or just enjoying his wings. Smile!

Grumpy spikor! And he is so shy, hiding his trident.